First Congregational Church has a long and rich history in the town of Milford, MA.

Stemming from a desire to worship and tend to business closer to their homes, a group of settlers decided to break apart from “Mother Mendon”. Their desire to obtain a separate existence led to a meeting with elders from churches in surrounding towns and in 1741 twenty six people petitioned themselves into a church state by signing a new church covenant. This met with much apprehension from the town of Mendon. It was declared that a separate town or precinct be created, or, this new church would be taxed in order to financially support both churches. On December 23rd of 1741, the petition was approved with the stipulation that completion of a convenient meeting house and the settling of a learned orthodox minister be completed within 2 years. Numbers were small, funds scarce and finding the right location for the meeting house proved to be challenging but our leaders were not to be discouraged. Though one minister declined their call, their charter was saved when Rev. Amariah Frost was ordained on December 21, 1743, just 2 days before their charter was to expire.

Our previous generations persevered through difficult times, but through faithful leadership saw us through the challenges to make the church what it is today.

The complete history of First Congregational Church is available in it’s entirety upon request.

The First Congregational Church of Milford is a mainline protestant congregation affiliated with the Central Association of the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ.

Wherever you are on your faith journey, we invite you to grow with us as we meet the ever changing needs around us. Embraced by the renewing Spirit of life and hope, together we can experience God’s transformation in our faith community.