English as a Second Language Classes & Information

ESL Program


The ESL Program at the First Congregational Church is a joint venture with the Milford Town Library.  The library has been instrumental in English language education in Milford for many years; they have been open to our efforts to expand their program in English language learning by opening a new site for tutorial work and development.

Currently we are assisting in the training of volunteers, in conjunction with the library, as well as supporting the program by providing space and material for tutors and their students to conduct their meetings.

The library is the main contact, as they are responsible for the application from students as well as the assignment of student to tutor.

We are in our fourth year of this partnership. Many church members have been trained and continue to work with a wide variety of students. Other tutors, who are not church members, have found the church to be a quieter atmosphere and more conducive to their work with their students.

Anyone interested in being part of the program can contact Anne Berard at the Milford Town Library to begin the process of becoming a tutor, or becoming a student. All are welcome!