By Law Changes


Governing Board

The Governing Board oversees the ministry of the church and is directly responsible for all those functions that make ministry possible.

  • Composed of 5 members (rotating membership classes), 4 ex officio members (Moderator, Clerk, Treasurer, Pastor with voting privileges)
  • Works with Nominating Task Force.
  • Directly responsible for personnel; evaluation and planning; policies; contracts; property; finance.
    • Personnel: includes paid and volunteer. Will write job descriptions for paid and volunteer positions.  Will seek input and hear concerns from the congregation.
    • Evaluation: engage in a whole church review which will evaluate paid staff and programs of the church.
    • Planning: Set goals for each year in advance so that ministry is planned around the goals.
    • Policies: Writing and reviewing policies for the church.
    • Contracts: Annual review of all contracts involving the church.
    • Property: Work with the property point person to ensure our buildings are maintained.
    • Finance: Work with the Finance Task Force to ensure budget is developed and daily operating expenses are met.


Ministry Teams

Each ministry team will consist of 3 members.  The ministry teams will be responsible for planning.  The teams will ask congregation members to assist with or organize an event.  The intent is that the teams will delegate tasks.  Ministry teams will submit written reports to the governing boards.  The teams will meet for planning purposes only.

  • Missions: Plan the missions activities for the church.
  • Christian Education: Provide educational opportunities for all ages in the church.  Confirmation will move to this ministry team.
  • Deacons: Responsible for all things related to worship to include music, flowers, and communion.  Deacons will also plan congregational care and fellowship events.


Head of Staff

The pastor will be the head of staff.  In this position, the pastor will coordinate with all the ministry teams to ensure that both planning and tasks are proceeding apace.  The head of staff will be a consistent source of communication between the ministry teams, personnel (paid and volunteer), the task forces, and the governing board.